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Monday, April 26, 2010

The Claytons Update

I was unable to be in RS for the lesson on Sunday.  I know Sister Andrea Groombridge taught and it was on the Fall of Adam and Eve and I bet is was a goodun but that's all I know!


  • 27th April - Stake Training Meeting for all ward council members.  7pm @ stake centre
  • 2 May - UYC fireside - 7pm @ stake centre - all invited
  • 22 May - Stake RS Service Activity 10.30am - 2pm Remember to RSVP if you can make it.
  • If you have young primary children please remember to take them to the Loo before primary starts
  • Activity Night this Wednesday 7pm-8.15pm - bring a smock.
Have a good week,

Friday, April 23, 2010

Sunday Snippet


  • 27th April, Training Meeting for ward council members
  • 2nd May UYC10 fireside 7pm @ stake centre.  All invited
  • 22nd May Stake RS Service Project - Family History + lunch 10-12 @ stake centre
On Sunday we were privileged to be visited by our new Stake RS Presidency who introduced themselves and imparted a message each:
Sister Katie - God cannot lie.  Faith in God is a working power.
Sister Leslie - We must clearly understand the purpose of RS
Sister Olan - Bore her testimony of RS

Our lesson was taught by Emi Nagasaka.  It was the first time she has ever taught a lesson.  You would never know.
Emi asked 3 sisters, Pat, Lilian and Tina to share with us their experiences with the Holy Ghost.  It was touching to hear the wonderful, faith inspiring stories and experiences they each shared.  If you want to know more details maybe you could ask them.  I don't have enough time this week to relate them all.  Sorry...
We discussed the nature of the Holy Ghost and that by increasing our desire, creating opportunities for quiet moments, coming to church, reading the scriptures, praying and fasting, we can feel his influence more in our lives.  Without the guidance  of the Holy Ghost how can we ever receive the personal revelation we all need in order to move forward and progress as individuals, as families, as a ward and stake?
Emi bore testimony that the Holy Ghost is a partner with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and together with the, helps us to do those things we need to do and provides comfort when we need it.
Thanks Emi, we really appreciate your efforts, it was a great lesson.  Can't wait for the next one.

See you all on Sunday.

Blanche x

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Social Night

Last Thursday we had a RS social night to commemorate the anniversary of Relief Society.  Sue is a very organised lady, which I really appreciate, and did a great job in organising some fun games and activities.  I think we really enjoyed getting to know one another a little more.  I for one found out some interesting things I didn't know before, like how Hannah likes to CHEAT! and Tina likes to help her!
There was an abundance of food (as usual) so everyone got to take home a 'doggy bag' of goodies.  
Thanks for coming everyone.  Sorry about my dodgy photos.  I didn't take many so I had to use these ones.

Peta (Assistant Nursery Leader)  & Katie (Stake RS President)

Marj (Family History Consultant), Hannah (Stake Primary President) 
& Jodie (Visiting Teaching Supervisor)
aka 'Three Wise Monkeys'

The One and Only Elle!
YW President

Tina (Stake YW President) & Sue (RS counsellor)

Carmen (Stake YW Counsellor)
She really does have that glow about her!

Apologies to those who were present but didn't get their photo on this blog post...I really am doing you a favour (not flattering at all!!).  
Maybe next time?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Sunday Snippet

Sue's lesson on Sunday was really special.  The spirit was very strong throughout the meeting and I know I wasn't the only one who could feel it.  Sue led us on a bit of an Easter journey through song, scriptures, quotes and testimony.  The four Missionaries who are currently serving in our ward sang a lovely medley and it was beautiful to hear a heartfelt poem penned and recited to us by sister Goldstone.  I was very grateful to Sue for providing the opportunity for the Spirit to whisper to me and testify of the truthfulness of the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  

Expression of Easter was on Sunday evening
UYC this week - based at the Stake Centre
Please feed the missionaries (remember we have 4 now)
A reminder from the Bishopric to please be REVERENT before, during and after sacrament meeting.
Ward RS Activity at Blanches 15th April 7pm (see notice below).  Hope you can make it.

 Til next time,

Thursday, April 1, 2010


So wasn't the lesson a good one on Sunday? I came away feeling uplifted and inspired to be better.
Fiona taught and it was based on some things that became a bit of a theme at Conference the previous week.  We were encouraged to have our 'doors open towards the temple' and discussed things that enable this to be so, like; personal prayer and scripture study, service, attending meetings, paying tithing, being morally clean, keeping the word of wisdom and keeping the Sabbath day holy.  I could here some interesting discussions going on when we broke into 4 groups to discuss in detail how these things bless us as individuals.
At the beginning of the lesson, Bishop was invited to speak to us about temple recommend interviews.  He discussed with us the questions we are asked during such an interview and encouraged us to all have a current recommend.  It was lovely to hear from sister Goldstone that this is something she really wants for herself now.
There is a definite 'buzz' in the ward at the moment as people prepare themselves and concentrate on 'A Week At The Temple' - scheduled for October.  It feels good!  As a presidency we hope that you will take the opportunity to attend the temple with family and other members of the Stake to participate in temple work and worship.  It's going to be a wonderful time.



I was very inspired and uplifted as I attended Stake Conference meetings on Saturday and Sunday.  I could feel the spirit very strongly.  Even on Sunday when I was surrounded by eight young kids on my own it was still strong.  Actually my kids and my nieces and nephews were all very well behaved. Maybe it was because we got a soft seat up the front for the first time ever, I dunno! Anyway I was happy.
If you were unable to get to any or all of the meetings I took lots of notes!  I wont post them because it's 7 or 8 pages long, but if you want me to email you a copy please leave a comment with your email address,  give me a call, or see me at church.

How much fun was the dance??  I love dressing up and getting into the spirit of things like that ( I think my mum ingrained that in me) anyway I had a fun night and I think everyone who went did too.