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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sunday Snippet

Yep, it's snippet time again...

Pat led the lesson on Sunday and it was awesome (as usual). The lesson came from Gospel Principles chapter 3 'Jesus Christ, Our Chosen Leader and Savior' .
We discussed the War in Heaven and our choice to follow Jesus, we talked about the third of the hosts of heaven who chose not to and how we might have reacted to that. We wondered whether we all knew following Jesus was the right thing to do or whether some of us simply trusted in others' resolve and followed them. Either way it was agreed we all chose to come to earth and experience life and all it has to offer. Because we did all choose to accept God's plan we need to continue to follow Jesus Christ while we are here on earth so that we can return to live with Heavenly Father, just as he planned. Sister Pat gave us a hand out and encouraged us to think about and write down some things we know we did in the pre-existence, some things we would like to be remembered for and some things we can do now to help us achieve that. This was a very thought provoking lesson and I am thankful for the challenge to think about my commitment to heavenly father's plan and what I am doing now to further God's work on the earth.

On Sunday Sister Pat was called and sustained as a Sunday School teacher. Congratulations Pat, you will be fantastic. We all know what a fabulous teacher you are. Thanks so much for doing such a fine job of every single lesson you have taught us over the years.


  • Friday 19th Feb: Stake Family Fun Night 7pm Cornelian Bay
  • Sunday 21st Feb: Stake Youth Fire side
  • Bishopric would like to encourage us to attend the Stake Temple trip in October - discuss it in your families/couples/with friends and see if you can make it. It will be worth it.
  • If you have been a victim of car park crime in the last little while please speak to the bishopric. They would like to keep a record.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sunday Snippet

I know, I know...I missed last weeks sunday snippet and this weeks one is late. It's just been a bit crazy lately, I'm doing my best but sometimes I fall short.

Anyway... Sue taught an awesome lesson on Sunday which was inspired by a talk given by Elder Jeffrey R Holland called 'The Best is Yet to Be'. It is found in the January 2010 Ensign.
The talk is based on a scripture Luke 17:32, "Remember Lot's wife".
We discussed the importance of being able to let go of the past, to live in the here and now and to have faith in the future. It is necessary for us to learn from the past, whether good or bad, in order to look forward and be guided in the future. Please take the time to read the talk. This is a timely message which has come as we begin a new year and traditionally make resolutions or set goals for the future. Lets keep these principles in mind as we do so.


Sat 13th Feb: stake beach day hosted by stake yw (conningham beach 12.30) bring picnic lunch, rafts, kayaks, etc Pray for nice weather!
Fri 19th Feb: stake family fun night (cornelian bay sports ground 7pm) This was a fun activity last year so I'm sure it will be just as good again this time around
Sun 21st Feb: Stake Youth Fire-side 7pm stake centre