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Saturday, February 28, 2009

We have decided to continue with the blog and try to post news and events that will be interesting to everyone. I have posted about a few things I could think of that have happened recently but we will need people to let us know about anything others might like to know about.
Please help us make our blog more interesting by telling us what is happening with your friends and family and giving us photos to post on here.
Sister Andrea King was released on Sunday. We are very thankful to have had her serving as 1st Councilor. She has been very helpful, dependable and a great friend to everyone. We hope she will enjoy working in the Nursery and we know that the children will love her.
We are excited to have Sister Blanche Sayers in our presidency. We are planning some exciting new things for HFPE.  So watch this space  for some news.
Sister Sue Edwards has been visiting our ward for a few weeks. We would like to welcome her and hope she enjoys her time in Hobart Ward with her husband and family.

Lisa Travers has joined our ward. Lisa is from the Devonport Stake. She will be attending our ward while she is in Hobart studying.
We have also had some sisters return from holidays etc. so we are happy to have them back with us.

Sister Chernoa Saunders and Steve are moving out of our ward so we hope they will be happy at Rosny ward. We are sad to say goodbye to them and would like to thank them for being part of our ward fo and all the things they did to help us.

Jake and Charlotte Prebble will be moving into to our ward. WELCOME BACK Charlotte.

WELCOME to everyone, whether you are new or been around for a while. We love all the sisters in our ward.

Best wishes to Rhiannon Menzie and Michael Fuglsang who recently announced their engagement and will be married in the Brisbane Temple this week.
Congratulations to Carmen and Tristan on the arrival of baby Jackson on the 10th January.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Sister Harbeck

Sister Robyn Smith's mother, Sister Yvonne Harbeck passed away during the week.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Robyn and her family.  Sister Yvonne has been ill for many years. She would be happy to be reunited with her husband and family who have passed on previously.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wheat and storage cans

If you are interested in ordering wheat or storage cans you will need to see Bro. or Sister Thorpe in the next week or so. Details are on the Stake webpage. You will need to pay for what you need when placing the order.