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Saturday, January 30, 2010

RS Quilting Day

Hello again everyone! I'm home and straight back into it. I did miss our wonderful ward very much - especially after visiting some 'interesting' branches during our trip. First thing I did on returning home was catch up on the blog to see what you have all been up to. I was excited to see that an activity was planned for just a couple of days later. I felt a little bit like a visitor when I arrived at the Stake Center on Thursday for the RS Quilting Day but it didn't take long to feel very much at home. The activity was a roaring success. With the guiding hand of sister Debbie we were able to complete 6 quilts to be donated to families with prem babies. That makes a total of 7 quilts all together including the demo one Debbie made on her own. It takes a few days of concentrated time to put one of these together on your own - and that's when you know what you're doing! So we really did do a pretty good job. The only thing left to do is snip all of the seams and run them through the wash to get the unique look these quilts have. Thanks to those who have volunteered to do that. Also a BIG thanks to everyone who came along to give a helping hand. I think we worked as a great team. And of course a VERY BIG thanks to those who organised it all ( Debbie and Fiona I think but not certain) Plus a random THANK YOU just in case I've forgotten to thank someone!

One of the quilts completed minus the snipped seams.
The lovely pastel colours reminded us of marshmallows!

Check out Andrea's 'concentration face'. He he he he :)

None of this would have been possible without the expertise and talents of this lady, our previous RS President Debbie Carmichael. Thanks Deb.

So I wonder what our next Stake RS service project will involve?


P.S. See you all tomorrow

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sunday Snippet... on Wednesday!

Yes, I know I am a couple of days late with this post, sorry.

This Sunday we welcomed back Hannah into relief society, great to have her and the family back in our ward. Sister Debbie took our five minute music and we re-visited the idea of Jenny Philips singing in Finnish (after a vote)... we were surprised however, to hear the song in English... lol... you had to be there!

Sister Jenny was our wonderful teacher. The lesson was number two from the Gospel principle book, we discussed our Heavenly Father and how he is our ruler, creator, Father and is the author of the plan of salvation. Because he is our father we have the potential to become like him.

What does this mean to us?

Faith... We do what he wants us to do even if we do not understand. Faith is an action word.

Hope... Abiding trust. The Lord will fulfill his promises to you. We can work through our trials with assurance and confidence.

Charity and Love... We are to serve, not judge nor criticise. Give of ourselves and avoid negative feelings.

Virtue... Pattern of thought and behavior based on high moral standards. We can learn to control our natural desires, pray to learn self control.

Knowledge... Study diligently, seek help through prayer.

Humility... This is not about weakness but is a strength. We put our trust in the Lord and as his servants are openhearted to do his will.

Diligence... Consistent committed and not giving up. Even when we are tired we endure, praying for guidance and strength.

Obedience... Following correction and commandment.

Patience... Waiting with a smile.

President Monson said...
Life is full of difficulties some minor and others of a more serious nature. There seems to be an unending supply for one and all. Our problem is that we often expect instantaneous solutions to such challenges forgetting that frequently the heavenly virtue of patience is required.

We can develop these qualities or talents and become more like our Heavenly Father. Heavenly Father knows us personally and we need to know our talents are a blessing. We can learn about our talents in our Patriarchal blessings, the scriptures, Sunday school and through priesthood blessings.

Sister Andrea shared with us how her mother had a talent to understand her as a child. This was a great blessing for Andrea and she was aware of her mothers guidance. Sister Andrea has a talent for cooking, this brings joy into her life and she likes to share this with people. Andrea also felt that she had a talent for talking with all different types of people, she is also a great Visiting teacher.

Thank you Sister Jenny for a wonderful lesson, you are a gem! I loved hearing about Sister Andrea. A special spirit.


I hope to see you all tomorrow for our Quilt Day. Thank you for the phone calls to RSVP. Remember to bring your cutters and boards to cut those blocks out!! My phone number is 0414 305 816... gates will be locked from 10.30am for security.

FEED the missionaries

Remember to Visit those sister who are in your care this month.

I though this post needed a cute pic!!


Friday, January 22, 2010

Hobart Heroes 2010 YW Camp Clifton Beach

Thought you might like to see how our AWESOME Young Women enjoyed camp. Thanks for the pics Elle.

Details for Quilt Day

Quilt Day Relief Society and Young Women
Thursday 28th January
Stake Centre
10am – 3pm

Please bring along……

Salad to share (chicken and bread provided)

Sewing Machine (if you have one)

Kids are welcome, we will open the indoor court yard for
play, bring trikes toys etc.

Any sewing projects you may need help with.

We will be completing quilts to donate to the hospital.
RSVP with the type of salad you will bring on this blog... We have a nicoise and coleslaw so far.... Yummy!!

The chapel gates will be locked at 10.30 for safety reasons. If you need to get in after this time please call Fiona on 0414305816

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Snippet

Hello! I am so happy to hear, some people are checking our blog to keep up to date with what is happening in Relief Society. I now know I am not alone here in blog world!!

Today in Relief Society we had a fun music spot with Sister Debbie... guess the language Jenny Philips was singing her song in... I do not know if we really found out, but it was so fun and a good laugh. Sister Debbie volunteered to do five minute music this week. If you have a good idea for this spot, please let us know, our music lady Sister Bev is overseas for a couple of months, so this might be your chance to show off your star talents:)

Sister Pat taught today's lesson from the Gospel Principles book, first cab off the rank with lesson one. She spoke about the Plan our Father in Heaven must have had to create the earth and likened this to the creation of children and how we as parents have a plan for our children. We plan life will be a certain way for our kids, because we want them to be happy and find joy in life. The lesson is only a short one and can be read by clicking here. Sister Sue told us about the plan she had for Josh to learn to honour the priesthood, she purchased him a white shirt and tie while he was in primary in order to assist him with this plan. Sister Dorothy shared that her mother had taught her the importance of thrift and her mother demonstrated this skill by example and Sister Dorothy still practises this in her life today.

Thank you Pat for teaching. A great lesson as always. We have also been missing our pianist in RS, Emmy has been wonderful helping us out. Thank you for sharing your talent Emmy and thank you to Lauren for choristing.

Guess what I found out today, Sister Lauren is moving to Sydney to get married in Feb. Next week will be her last Sunday. Give her a hug and wish her luck when you see her, she is a gem in RS and always helps out when she can. I appreciate that! Good Luck and love with you Lauren.

Do you remember the quilts we have talked about for the last couple of months? Well we have organised a quilting/sewing day at the chapel. Sister Debbie has volunteered her day to be there to offer her expert advice. Children and Young Women are welcome and encouraged to come along. We will start at 10am on the 28th of January and finish at 3pm. If those who intend to come along could please bring a salad, potato, coleslaw, pasta, green or something like. I will go and buy some legs and breast chicken and bread rolls and we will share a casual lunch together. So come along and have a fun day. RSVP this post and write down what type of salad you will bring.

Missionary meals roster looked a little better this week. Thank you, I did notice, however, that the Hobart guys could still be a little hungry, if you live in West Hobart, Moonah, Lenah Valley, New Town or Mount Stuart... your missionaries are hungry, please take a night out to share a meal with them.

Okay.... what to remember... sewing day, bring sewing gear, salad, trikes, balls or toys for kids and a smile.
Feed the missionaries.
Say Hi to Sharon and Emmy who are new in the ward.
Visiting teaching.
Training thingy on the 26th Jan.
YM and YW camps this week.

See you next Sunday :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Slipped Sunday Snippet.

Slipped and forgot about Sunday Snippet. Last week we had a combine RS and Priesthood. Brother Andrew Ross visited and spoke with us about keeping our finances in order. He showed a sample of a budget that he has available on spreadsheet for those who might be interested and demonstrated the importance of keeping things in order.

Some of those things included (from memory)

- Paying a full tithe
- Not going into unnecessary debt
- Having a current Will
- Setting up a Budget
- Avoid interest free terms
- Become a wise consumer
- Save some money for a rainy day

Goodness, that is all I can remember. It was a great lesson and we are grateful for his time. The lesson schedule will change slightly this month, we will have Gospel Principles lessons one and two the next two Sundays and then on the 5th Sunday we will have Teachings of our Times.


Sister Sharon Morrisby was baptised with her son Alex on Saturday. We welcome them into the ward. Please take time to get to know her and her family.

Quilts... We will be setting aside a day for the quilt making. Stay tuned for that information.

The missionaries in our ward are hungry, they are not getting enough meal appointments. If you have not had them in your home recently, take the time to have them over to share a meal.

I think that is about it from me. See you next week.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday snippet...

So today is still Sunday, therefore this post really is the Sunday snippet!!

I would really love to know if anyone is reading these posts, please leave a comment to let us know if anyone is out there.....

Happy New Year!!

Todays we shared our first testimony meeting for the year. Our lesson in Relief Society was given by moi... I based the lesson from a talk titled 'The enduring legacy of Relief Society' given by President Henry B Eyring

We discussed the examples of the pioneer women and the sacrifices they made to serve others. The topic of visiting teaching became important. Many of the sisters shared experiences whereby they have been blessed by the faithful service of visiting teachers. At times we may feel that no one cares or that we have been forgotten, we can get ourselves out of that place by serving others. As we serve others we pass on the legacy of charity in hope they may be able to pass it onto others. We made a chain of hearts that shared all the things sisters have learnt, are grateful for, have served or been served... all in Relief Society. It's a pretty cool organisation to belong to!
Thanks for sharing your thoughts everyone!!

A family Baptism at the chapel this Saturday at 3.30pm.... would be really cool to have heaps of people there.

Elder Cook on Australia Day... be seated by 6.30pm


Oh and we got to meet baby 'Tommy' today, seriously cute!
Remember we have a new sister in the ward, Sister Emmy, Remember to say Hi to her and make sure she feels welcome.