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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sunday Snippet

Sorry everyone...I missed last week.  I was sick!

So this weeks post is about the lovely lesson Emi gave us on Sunday.
It was about the life of the Savior, the things he taught, the miracles he performed and the example he set.
We watched parts of two dvd's;  'Special Witnesses of Christ' and  'Finding Faith in Christ'.
Emi posed two questions:
1. How can we love God?
2. How can we love our Neighbour.

We broke in to four groups and came up with a few ideas:
know Him (through prayer, study, service)
Be obedience (the 'O' factor, how is yours?)
Acknowledge Him in all aspects of life
Trust in Him, rely on His guidance
Respect and appreciate others and all creations
Become part of His plan.  Have a sense of partnership with Him
Love unconditionally as the Savior & Heavenly Father do.
Accept & fulfill callings
Be humble
Look after our families
Care for those around us
Live the Gospel
Listen to the Spirit
Be temple worthy
Be thankful
Keep the commandments
Ask for blessings
feed our testimony
Be helpful
create opportunities to serve
Love the sisters we visit teach
Always give people the benefit of the doubt
Don't judge
Be honest with ourselves and others
Count your blessings
Learn to cook - making a meal for someone might make their day!
Make the right choices
keep on going, even when we have had enough!

Quite an extensive list.  I'm sure there's something for everyone there.


  • Starting in July we will have RS Meetings (activities) every 4th Tuesday of the month
  • Alyssa Thomasson will be getting baptised July 3 10am
  • If you are participating in Week at the Temple, you MUST book in to sessions with Bro Stokes

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sunday Snippet

Youth Sports Activity Saturday 12 June (Huonville)
Week @ Temple schedules to Bro Stokes
Indoor Soccer competition starts Friday 11th June

On Sunday I taught and we started with a fun game then talked about the different things that are precious to us.  Friends, family, health, special trinkets, family heirlooms & the gospel were among a few we talked about.
The Gospel, and more specifically, Relief Society (RS) is precious to me and something I need in my life.
Shortly after the Church was organised Joseph Smith also organised the Relief Society.  He said, "The church was never perfectly organised until the women were thus organised...".  It's good to know that RS is an essential part of the church.  It is my desire that each of us will understand why it is essential in our lives.

What does RS do for those women who choose to embrace it as part of their life? How does it bless families, homes and individuals? This is a question that was posed on Sunday and each sister present was able to share their thoughts with everyone.  The list was a long one and included; 
leadership skills
friendship & diversity in friends, companionship
a sense of belonging
love & respect
discovery of gifts, talents, abilities
opportunities to serve (VT, compassionate service)
skills for motherhood
preparation for the temple & other covenants
help in staying true
identity & self-worth

Sister Allred (of the General RS Presidency) has a daughter named Norma.  She once said, "Your attendance at relief Society Sunday meetings will bless you...but your participation in the work of Relief Society will bless the whole church."

And the General Relief Society Presidency have this message for us:
"Whether you are young or old, single or married, widowed or living in a family, we want you to bless your life and home with the influence and power of Relief Society"

Our Previous Prophet, President Hinckley had some wonderful things to say about the women in our lives.  We watched this on Sunday, it only goes for about 3 minutes.  Click to watch this short address.

I believe that one of the most useful resources we have as an organisation is each other.  I believe that Heavenly Father intended for us to teach each other, to use our talents, abilities and gifts to help and enrich each others lives. I believe that within the Hobart ward we have a goldmine of things to offer each other but I also believe that this resource is mostly untapped.  As a Presidency and with the help of our Relief Society Meeting Coordinators, we plan to change that!!
In small groups on Sunday, sisters compiled an extensive list of the talents, gifts, and abilities of those in their group.  In the same manner another extensive list was made, this one contained things people need or want to learn, experiences and activities people would like to be involved in, skills they would like to have etc.  The plan is to use these lists when we plan lessons and activities for Relief Society.  I'm guessing that the first activity will have something to do with learning how to handle 'Man Tools!'

While I was planning this lesson, I was very aware that we have many sisters who do not attend church, and are not participating in RS.  I feel very strongly that we need to reach out to these women and take up the call from our Relief Society General Presidency when they said,

"...To those of you who already attend Relief Society, we extend a call.  We ask you to go to the women who are not engaged in relief Society work in your wards and branches to teach them with love what Relief Society will do for them.  Testify to them that Relief Society will enrich their homes and personal lives.  Offer your friendship and sisterhood.  Watch over and strengthen them.  Help us reverse society's trend of disintegrating families.  Help your sisters turn to the Lord and His plan of happiness for His children.  They will find guidance, comfort, peace, understanding, and inspiration.  They will know Heavenly Father loves then and cares for them in ways beyond measure."


P.S If you would like to read the talk that inspired this lesson it is 'Every woman needs Relief Society' - Nov 2009 Ensign.