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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

February Birthdays

Happy Birthday to the following

4th Barbara Arnts
5th Jana Walker
14th Bev Fox
18th Bronwyn McGough
21st Larissa Richardson
22 Andrea Groombridge
26th Bethany Docking
29th Amy Stewart

Belated Birthday wishes

The following sisters have celebrated Birthdays in January. We hope you had a happy day.

1st Lilian Goldstone
3rd Rebecca Bone
7th Jodie Watson and Netta Livermore
11th Camilla Mitchell and Kylie Baldwin
17th Kirsten Toselli
22nd Cindy Reed.

We also hope the sisters who celebrated their birthday in November and December had great days. (Sorry we missed putting them on the Blog)


You may notice that the sidebar of the blog has finally been updated.
I've been very slow getting back into things since returning from my trip overseas, Christmas and other events. 
Thanks to Peta for keeping the blog going in my absence.  
We are wondering,  in light of the new Stake Website with a ward page, should we keep the blog going.  We would appreciate your opinion. If we don't get much response we will probably just use the Stake website and see how that goes. You can view the website by clicking here, then go to Stake and Ward Websites. You will need your membership no (which is on your temple recomend, or see the ward clerk), as well as your confirmation date. Once you have registered you will only need your own password to view the page.