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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Daughter of God

Tania taught the RS lesson on Sunday (her first one!) and did a beautiful job.
We had cause to reflect on what it means to be a daughter of God to us individually and what the implications might be because we have this knowledge.  Tania also played  "What Heaven Sees in You' sometimes known as 'The Three White Dresses'.  I couldn't see the screen from where I sat but I have watched more than one on youtube.  Whether the video I've included in this post is the one Tania used or not doesn't really matter - the message is the same.
I hope that each one of us can know and understand that we are all daughters of God and with that comes great promise and also great responsibility.

I just want to say a big thank you to Peta, who has been updating the blog for some time now.  Unfortunately the blog posts will now be a little more random and dependent on whether or not one of the presidency can find time to do one!  We all lead busy lives and sadly the RS Blog isn't one of life's essentials!  Don't worry (all 6 followers of the blog) there will be some intermittent activity :)